Gibbs Farquharson History
In 1872 John Farquharson patented a falling block single shot rifle action that, from its inception, became a classic firearms icon. The Farquharson is renowned for its graceful form combined with balance and strength. Amongst single shot aficionados it is generally accepted as the pinnacle of English single shot rifle- maker’s art.

Of the various English rifle makers who manufactured Farquharson actions, the most famous was George Gibbs of Bristol. From 1874 to 1910 George Gibbs made 974 Farquharson rifles, of which approx 375 were sporting Gibbs Farquharson rifles.

As a result, Gibbs Farquharsons are rare, expensive, and highly sought after.

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For those that have wanted to own a Gibbs Farquharson but desired a rifle that is readily useable, suitable for modern high intensity, smokeless, rimless cartridges, machined from the best modern steels, with a fully adjustable “breaking glass trigger”, and an in-line striker, with a beautifully crafted exhibition grade, Circassian walnut stock, then their dreams have come true....

Soroka Model 07